The Downpatrick Third World Group

The Downpatrick Third World Group has helped MMMs deal with famine in Malawi and Ethiopia; provide clean water in Brazil and healthcare in Angola, Tanzania, and Uganda; and continue fistula work and combat human trafficking in Nigeria. Mrs. Bridget Donald prepared a history of this committed group.

“The Downpatrick Third World Group was formed over twenty-five years ago. A group of friends met to co-ordinate their efforts to raise funds for friends and family working in developing countries. Later, others with the same interests joined. Membership grew steadily. Our aims include raising awareness about the poverty endured by millions in other countries and promoting fair trading practices.

“We have many ways of fund-raising, such 

as cycle runs, fashion shows, cook­ery dem­o­n­stra­tions, and bar­be­ques. Our big success story is the annual sale of St. Brigid’s crosses.  Thanks to volunteer rush cutters, who go out on cold, wet January days, and a small army of cross-makers, we have raised large sums. Last year this was over £12,000, with no expenses. In fact, all our income goes directly to the projects with which we are involved.

“Members are kept up-to-date with e-mails, letters, photographs, and talks from returning aid workers. We feel that although we are far from those we help, we play some small part in their ongoing development.”