Local supporters in Uganda

There is also local support for fistula repair work. Kitovu Hospital received fifty million Ugandan shillings (about 14,000 Euro) from the proceeds of the January 2014 Kabaka Birthday Run in honour of the Kabaka, King of Buganda.

At the presentation, Kitovu Hospital was recognized for ‘pioneering fistula repair and training in Uganda.’ The Mukwano (friendship) Group of Companies donated Vaseline, soap, etc.

Buganda Health Minister Ben Mukwaya said that over 200,000 mothers in Uganda suffer from fistula and requested more funding to curb it effectively. ”We look forward to further partnerships as a way of addressing such health issues that affect our people so we can have a healthy population for improved socio-economic development.”

What has this support accomplished?

At the fistula camp in Kitovu, Uganda in August 2014, 83 women were registered. Of these, 72 had operations, including 28 for VVF and 15 for RVF.

The eldest patient was 85 years old and had suffered from urinary Incontinence since her last (tenth) pregnancy 45 years ago, when she was in labour for four days. She had been married at the age of 14 and had only one living child. She had a successful operation and is now dry and continent.