Working for Peace

Capacitar Program for Transformation

Capacitar, means ‘to empower’. Networking people on five continents, it signifies the spirit of empowerment and solidarity. ‘Capacitar International’, with an office in California, has a team of trainers, and works with local or regional teams in 26 countries.  >>> read more.

New Mission to South Sudan

"On 12 February 2011, I received a call from Sr. Kay Lawlor, Area Leader for East and Central Africa, asking me for a 'favour'. Would I travel to South Sudan with her in response to last year's Extended Leadership Meeting request. She had been asked to go to South Sudan to investigate the possibility of MMM responding to a request by the Catholic Bishop of Wau. Even as we set out on the journey, I had one question in mind: With our shortage of personnel in MMM, how possible is it to start a new mission in South Sudan?   >>> read more.