In 1950 our Foundress, Mother Mary Martin, visited the United States at the invitation of Archbishop Richard Cushing. He later became a Cardinal and remained a close friend of MMM all his life. That same year, our first community was established on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

Before long a larger house was needed and a novitiate was opened on Arlington Street in Winchester, MA. From there our American Sisters set out for far-away places when they had completed their novitiate and sometimes their professional studies. That community is now located in Somerville, MA.

In the following decades, MMM made foundations in New York, Chicago, San Diego, and in Clinchco, Virginia. Over the years, the services provided by Sister Bernadette Kenny and her Health Wagon Team in Clinchco have won several awards. Sister Bernadette still lives in Clinchco and advocates for the well-being of the people of that economically depressed coal-mining region of Appalachia.

Like all our foundations in the northern hemisphere, our communities in the United States provide support for our overseas work.

Mission awareness in Catholic parishes assigned to us provide substantial support for our work in healthcare and development. They involve thousands of miles of travel each year for Sisters who tell the churchgoers about our overseas services. We are deeply grateful to all who share our work in this way. Those who staff our Development Office at 4425 West 63rd Street, Chicago, work very hard at fundraising all year round.

Several Sisters who have had many years of mission experience now work in the USA.

MMMs in the USA are involved in:

  • Mission awareness and vocation work
  • Fund raising
  • Adult literacy
  • Parish work
  • Complementary therapies


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