MMMs first went to the people of Kenya's Turkana Desert during the deadly famine of 1962. Those were exciting days when Sisters trained as pilots for our single-engined Cessna.

While there has been great development in desert towns like Lodwar, Kenya still experiences famine quite frequently.

Nowadays, our main work in Kenya is community-based healthcare, with a strong emphasis on the development of women, care of persons living with HIV/AIDS, support for AIDS orphans, and prevention of the spread of HIV.

Today the challenges are different - remaining with the people as they recover from the political violence of 2008. This involves helping to stabilise communities by providing care for a huge population of child-headed households on the outskirts of Eldoret and sharing our skills with the truly remarkable people who are squatters in the huge peri-urban Nairobi slum known as Mukuru, not far from the international airport. Here we are committed to healthcare among people who take up the challenges of life against extraordinary odds.

Another aspect of our work is the problem of human trafficking. Kenya is a source country from which vulnerable women, men and children are taken. It is also a country of transit for those captured elsewhere and a destination country for the services of trafficked persons.

We have an administrative house at Westlands in Nairobi that provides hospitality to the many missionaries passing through en route to or from other parts of East Africa. A house of studies for young women preparing for work as MMMs or upgrading their qualifications is also located in Nairobi.

We draw inspiration from the people among whom we work, as we attempt to find solutions together to the great problems they face.

To view St. Mary's Medical Centre Kapsoya, Kenya Annual Report 2012
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MMMs in Kenya are involved in:

  • HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Anti-trafficking awareness-raising
  • MMM house of studies
  • Women's development
  • Training Christian leaders
  • Vocation promotion



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