Clean environment award

marianna_mushi_tanzaniaEkenywa Village is part of the outreach area covered by MMM from Ngaramtoni. When Sister Marianna Mushi began working in healthcare among the people there she realised something needed to be done about the environment.

In recognition of training courses she has done, she was made a member of the Village Government. Her work in raising awareness on public health issues was specially acknowledged by the Village Chairman when he was presented by the District Commissioner with the Award for Environmental Care in Arumeru District.

Sister Marianna says, "What I did was to educate people on the importance of a clean environment. They now know the damage caused to health from a dirty environment. They worked hard to create rubbish pits, to build latrines, and put up clothes lines to avoid insects that lay eggs on clothes left to dry on the ground. They also built cattle sheds and stopped throwing away plastic bags. It was very encouraging to see how they put into practice all that had been covered in our courses."