Sister Maria José da Silva – 25 Years on Mission

Maria's parents, Ernesto and Lourdes, accompany her in their parish church
of Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora in Colorado for her Silver Jubilee Mass. 

On completeion of her novitiate, Sister Maria José did a basic course in nursing, and then took a degree in social work. In 1993 she was assigned to Angola where she was able to put this into practice in the city of Lubango. On return to Brazil in 1995 she became involved in a project for youth in the city of Salvador.

In 2001 she went to USA, where she took an intensive course in English in Boston before going to Maryland to begin a two-year program leading to a Master’s in Pastoral Counselling. Back in Salvador city, she became  Vocation Director for MMM and resumed her youth work, including classes in English for children and teenagers and facilitating community groups.

In 2006 she was part of the Team preparing sisters for Final Vows in Nigeria. Always interested in the African roots of Brazilians like herself, she took a particular interest in the culture and music she discovered during that time.

At the time of writing she is leaving Brazil for Africa once again, this time on mission to Makondo in Uganda.

Tuning in to the Music of our Ancestors  - Written 2007