Sister Ursula Sharpe - 25 Years on Mission

Pupils at one of the six Farm Schools run by Kitovu Mobile Program

On February 1, 1983 Ursula Sharpe joined MMM at Rosemount in Dublin.

Born in Co. Donegal, her family had lived in Leitrim before settling in Ardee, Co. Louth. Ursula had graduated as a Nurse and Midwife at the International Missionary Training Hospital in Drogheda, getting to know the MMMs who had founded the hospital and training school.

Her parents, Angela and Malachy were well used to seeing Ursula travel - she worked with Concern as a volunteer in Bangladesh for a year before her nurse training, and again from 1975 to 1981 when she  became Deputy Field Director.

Ursula’s vocation over the past twenty-five years took her to Kitovu Hospital, Uganda. During her seventeen years there, she witnessed the early years of the HIV-AIDS pandemic. As it worsened she became more and more drawn to search with the local people for a dynamic response. The range of services needed was very wide. The distances that had to be covered to reach people in the remotest villages of the catchment area were vast. The plight of orphans, not just infants and toddlers, but young teenagers with a family of young siblings to care for, led to the formation of Farm Schools, which became a model later adopted by the UN in a number of other countries.  ursula and orphan

In 2003 the MMM General Chapter called Ursula to return to Ireland to be the Assistant Congregational Leader. During her six years in this role she visited our communities in South America and Africa  on several occasions. While her heart longs to return to Uganda, that dream has not yet come true. She is currently Leader of our Motherhouse complex in Drogheda.

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