House of Studies in Kenya (Sep. 2011)

Nancy Ong'era

Our MMM Sisters prepared for mission at our House of Studies in Kenya.

Sister Nancy, from Kenya, pictured right, is a qualified laboratory technician. She upgraded to a B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Science at Kenya Methodist University.

Sister Jovita, from Uganda, was missioned to Rwanda after profession. She completed a B.A. in Sustainable Human Development at Tangaza College in Nairobi.

Sister Chiagoziem, from Nigeria, gained a BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology before joining MMM. After an assignment in Kenya she completed a Diploma in Theology. She then qualified in medicine at the University of Nairobi.

Jovita Niwebyooana Chiagoziem Onwuguruike Pauline Kongo 1

Sr Jovita

Sr Chiagoziem

Sr Pauline

Jaquelline Nalubega Evelyn Akhalumenyo 1 Angela Katalyeba 1

Sr Jaquelline

Sr Evelyn

Sr Angela

Sister Pauline, from Kenya, had a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology before joinng MMM. After experience in Makiungu Hospital in Tanzania, she upgraded to a BSc in Pharmacy at Kenya Methodist University.

Sister Jacquelline, from Uganda, is a nurse-midwife. An experienced missionary, she served in Brazil, Rwanda, and Angola. She completed studies to prepare her to accompany women joining MMM.

Sister Evelyn, from Nigeria, has a Diploma in Applied Microbiology from the University of Benin. After mission experience in the Republic of Benin she completed medical studies at the University of Nairobi.

Sister Angela, from Tanzania, gained a BSc in Food Science and Technology. Her first mission was to Nigeria. After experience as director of our Mapambazuku Training Centre in Tanzania, she upgraded in administration. After an assignment to Rwanda she was appointed MMM Congregational Secretary in 2019.

"Reading the signs of the times in a rapidly changing world we shall be alert to new needs, opportunities and approaches and be ready to undertake such appropriate study as may be necessary for our more effective participation and ministry" (MMM Constitutions)