A Short History of MMM in Ireland

The first formal step in the establishment of MMM took place almost 80 years ago, when Marie Martin arrived at the Benedictine Monastery at Glenstal, in March 1934.

She and her first companions, not yet a religious community but eagerly desiring to establish one, had offered to assist the monks with the difficulties they were having regarding domestic arrangements in the monastery and boys' boarding school.

In return, the monastery would provide the spiritual formation essential for the future missionary foundation.

For many years before that, certainly since around 1920, Marie Martin had been part of an important surge of interest in Ireland for the needs of the people of Africa.

The first house of MMM in Ireland was Rosemount, in Booterstown, a suburb of Dublin. It was purchased in 1937 by Marie's brother. Today, Rosemount is the Congregational Centre, where the Central Administration of MMM is done.

The first Novitiate opened in Collon, Co. Louth, in 1938, and was moved to Drogheda in 1940. Our Motherhouse has been at Drogheda ever since.

Pictures:   Studio photo of Marie Martin around 1918.