New Center of Health and Therapy opened

Sister Joanne Bierl writes that it was a moment of great joy when they heard the parish priest, Padre Enemecio Del Cid, begin his homily in Spanish at the Mass of the Inauguration of the new Parish Centre, ‘Casa Visitación’, with the words of our Foundress, Mother Mary Martin:

"Si Dios quiere el trabajo, nos enseñará el camino."
("If God wants the work, God will show the way.")

honduras_dancing1"During the past four years since our arrival in Choloma, God has shown us a way of sharing our MMM Healing Charism in a poor area of the parish, culminating in the building of this centre. It offers a place of healing which will be here for many years to come.

"More than five hundred people joined us for the celebration. Padre Enemecio spoke of Mother Mary’s life and struggle in founding the Congregation. It was surely a positive message for so many present whose lives are also a constant struggle.

"That day reminded us, too, of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. How do you feed more than five hundred people on the most meagre resources? It was done through the generosity of these poor communities who volunteered to prepare and bring dishes of rice and chicken, tamales, cakes, soft drinks, and all we needed to serve the meal. The communities also volunteered to help us serve the food and clean up afterwards. It was a marvellous experience of generosity and solidarity."

Herbal Plants
honduras_casa_visitacion_green1"We were deeply touched during the offertory procession when members of our Health Committees presented herbal plants and trees, which are already taking root as we write this article.

"The Centre has a hall with a seating capacity of one hundred but we had three tents for this special day. There are rooms for offices, reflexology, massage, counselling, a medical clinic and treatment room, all set around a garden. The garden was planned as a healing space. It is a joy to see people relaxing, sitting in the hammock, reflecting and simply ‘being’ for a while."

"After the celebratory liturgy and meal, we had a ‘Brigade.’ That is the word we use here to describe a group of Honduran doctors and their teams who volunteer to give service in this poor community as part of their Christian commitment to a diocesan program for medical professionals. In other countries it would be called a ‘Health Fair’.

honduras_choloma_centre_opening1"More than 120 people were seen by dentists, gynaecologists, and general practitioners. It poured rain the entire afternoon, the effects of tropical storms Alma and Arthur, but it did not dampen the spirits of those who came and those who cared.

"We finished the blessing of the building with an unveiling of the plaque that honours those benefactors who made this building possible. Two benefactors came from New York for the occasion and were very moved by the whole celebration and spirit of generosity of the people.

"We were delighted to have our MMM Marcala Community with us for the weekend. The presence of Sisters Bernie, Rita, and Cleide meant a lot to us and to the people who work with us here in Choloma.

"All of us on the team of the Centre wore polo shirts with the MMM logo of the Visitation. On the back were the words´That they may have life´, which is part of the motto of our health ministry here:

"I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance." (John 10:10)

"It is our dream and prayer that all who are a part of this project will experience healing life in abundance."



Right: Sisters Rosalinda Gonzales,
Joanne Bierl and Renée Duignan
form the MMM community in Choloma.

Below members of the Health Care Team:
Roger Bonilla, Sandra Maldonado,
Itsmenia Funez, Lilian Torres,
Sirleny Pena, Rosamaria Maradiaga
and Mauricio Portillo