Sr. Pauline Dean's Community Health Care Links

Sister Doctor Pauline Dean specialized in paediatrics. In the late 1970s, she reviewed charts in the children's ward at St. Luke’s Hospital in Anua, Nigeria. It showed that 74% of admissions were from diseases that could easily be prevented. Tetanus, measles and malnutrition were chief among them. For adults, prevention could have been effective in 50%-60% of hospital admissions. Later, when Sister Pauline was in England for several years, she contacted Dr. David Morley, professor at the London Institute of Child Health.

With her talent for illustrations, she launched a simple publication that she regularly mailed to each of our communities. She used a portable typewriter, a black pen, and the photocopier at the local stationery shop to create a series of discussions on how to prevent disease and promote community health care. It was used by hundreds of other health care professionals in remote missions across the globe.
There were 26 issues between 1981 and 1989. With their unique and helpful illustrations and engaging style, Sister Pauline's PHC and CHC Links are still valuable today. The entire 26 issues, in a series of separate pdfs, is available to download from here. 

Primary Health Care -  Issues 1 - 8

Community Health Care - Issues 9 - 14

Community Health Care - Issues 15 - 20

Community Health Care - Issues 21 - 26