Saint Mary's Kapsoya, Kenya

Ministry at 7,000 feet above sea level 

Sister Patricia Hoey works high up on a plateau and way down into the surrounding valleys near Eldoret in Kenya. Her job takes her to a cluster of villages that are scattered in all directions. She climbs the hills and walks the valleys.

Each day brings new surprises for Sister Patricia, who is settling in to her new ministry in Kenya, after many years in Nigeria.

She says, "These communities are poor. I work from rented rooms in Munyaka, a settlement on the plateau that has become home for the unemployed and school drop-outs.

"Many of the families are victims of tribal clashes, forced to flee and seek new territory. I do a regular clinic two days a week. Other days I do home visiting. Among the homes I've visited I've found epileptics, deformed children, blind people, some very old... My main concern is for people with HIV and their families. The University Hospital in Eldoret refers people to me when they are discharged to this area. It is a privilege to be able to provide ongoing treatment and care, to relieve pain or hunger."