Corner, Sr. M. Imelda

Nationality: British
Congregational Register No: 271
D.O.B. 03.06.1924
First Profession: 06.04.1953
Died: 28.10.1990 Aged: 66 years

Baptised Patricia, Sr. Imelda was from York in England and entered MMM on 3 October 1950. Her gifts lay in the secretarial field, and she worked for many years in Nigeria, mainly in Abakaliki and Lagos. She did Montessori training and taught young children in Lagos.

She is remembered as being warm-hearted and gentle, with a good sense of humour.

While in Nigeria, she was diagnosed with cancer and returned to Ireland. She had many years of suffering and chemotherapy but was very positive about her illness and cheerfully helped out with various duties in our Motherhouse. She happily survived a bad car accident, suffering a fractured pelvis. 

Sr. Imelda died and is buried in Drogheda.