The Medical Missionaries of Mary are an international missionary congregation of Catholic women religious. We were founded by Marie Martin in Nigeria in 1937 to bring the love of God to others through a service of healing. We are also known by our official initials: MMM.

We follow Christ, who “went about doing good”, healing the sick and proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom. We live “that all may have life and have it in its fullness”. Our charism (spiritual gift to be used for the community) as medical missionaries places us in the world of health and medicine, for the service of the universal Church. We serve preferentially in missionary situations where the need for human development is great and the people are awaiting the liberating and healing power of the Gospel.

Medical Missionaries of Mary make public lifelong profession of vows of chastity, poverty and obedience lived in community. The Gospel is the basis for our lives. Like Mary, the model of the Church, we are called to be contemplatives who are active in the world.

 In 2020 there are about three hundred members from nineteen countries. We work in twelve countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Our motto is: “Rooted and Founded in Love” (Eph 3:17).

Our Motherhouse is in Drogheda, Ireland. Our MMM administrative headquarters is at our Congregational Centre in Dublin, where members of our Congregational Leadership Team and other staff reside.   

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Associate members
As well as Sisters with life-long religious vows, there are over one hundred Associate MMMs, both women and men, who feel drawn to our healing charism and spirit. They apply the values that are important to MMM in their own vocations, life choices, and commitments. Associates make an annual covenant, as they deepen their commitment to global mission in a formal way. They are found on six continents.

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Friends of MMM
MMM friends are just that: the countless people who have extended the hand of friendship to us all over the world. They include people who support us with their prayers and financial contributions. Others share their skills locally and overseas. Many friends, especially other religious Sisters, extend their hospitality to MMMs and Associates who travel long distances to speak about our work in parishes. They are our good neighbours who are willing to help our work of holistic healing in any way they can.

We welcome volunteers to join us and share their gifts. We ask cross-cultural volunteers to make a commitment of a minimum of two years and to have orientation before arrival in the country. If you are interested in making such a commitment, contact us.

For more information please contact Sr. Radegunda at this e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.