For many years an MMM community was located at Ealing, in London.

Focused on our commitment to bring health and healing to people in places of greatest need, our work in England has provided support for our missions in countries where health care is scarce.

An MMM visited the parishes allocated to us each year throughout England. She raised awareness among the parishioners that they share in the missionary life of the Church by virtue of their Baptism. This was emphasized in October 2019 when we celebrated an Extraordinary Missionary Month. We are very grateful to all the generous people we met in this way.

Our supporters in England have helped to bring God's healing love to others through their prayers and financial assistance. Some have joined us as MMM Associates, volunteers and as lay missionaries.

Sisters were involved in local charitable and ecumenical work, were engaged with others in addressing the problems faced by the immigrant community and advocated on issues affecting the environment. Many MMMs have appreciated the hospitality offered by our Ealing community, including students in the London area, and the Sisters' help in obtaining visas and other travel documents.

In 2020 we handed over our ministries in England.

At the same time we appreciate and encourage the support that we have continued to receive from our many friends in the UK.

MMMs in England were involved in:

  • Mission awareness
  • Fund-raising
  • Parish work

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