Our Spirituality

Medical Missionaries of Mary get great energy from the Gospel story of Mary's journey into the hill country to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Mary had been told by the Angel Gabriel that she was to become the mother of a son, the Son of God. Her cousin, much older than Mary, was also pregnant.

After a long journey on foot, Mary reached Elizabeth's house. It was an amazing encounter, in which Mary spoke her 'Magnificat', a prayer of praise and a call that inspires us to action on behalf of those who are on the margins of society.

For more than 75 years, the story - known in the Gospels as 'The Visitation' - has energized MMM Sisters to go to places of great need. In addition to many other areas of healthcare we put particular emphasis on the care of women before, during and after birth and on the care of children.

If you ask any MMM Sister where she draws the motivation for the work she does, she will think for a moment and surely reply, 'It comes from prayer.'

Although we come from different cultural backgrounds, the common source of the ministry we offer comes from our personal relationship with God, nurtured through prayer. It is a seamless focus - daily prayer energizing our daily work. Neither aspect would be authentic without the other. We see ourselves as contemplatives, but our cloister is the world.

The spirituality of the MMM Family is deeply rooted in the Christian Gospel, and is closely linked to the tradition of Saint Benedict.

MMM and the Benedictine Way of Life