Boylan, Sr. Eileen

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 794
D.O.B. 01.02.1895
First Profession: 03.10.1969
Died: 01.08.1983 Aged: 88 years

A native of Castlemagner, Co. Cork, Eileen's maiden surname was O'Brien. She had been married with family and widowed before entering MMM on March 8th 1968.

Because of her age and maturity, an Indult was requested and granted eliminating her second year of Novitiate.

Sr. Eileen's life and ministry in MMM was spent in Beechgrove, Drogheda and it was here that she died and was buried, some 15 years after entering.

She is best remembered for her work on the Garden in Beechgrove - she was responsible for the erection of the 'Stations' in The Grove.

A daughter of Eileen's, Sr. Doreen, a Canoness of St. Augustine, was well known to MMM in Uganda, where she worked.