Carey, Sr. M. Ruth

Sr. M. Ruth CareyNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 114
D.O.B. 10.08.1914
First Profession: 08.09.1946
Died: 11.11.1979 Aged: 65 years

Originally from Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Christina was already qualified as a B.A., H.Dip. on entering in Rosemount in 1943. She was keen to do medicine, but fate seems to have been against this. Although she passed her Pre-Medicine Year at University, Mother Mary had a need for a 'qualified' Editor for her magazine, and Sr. Ruth's studies were interrupted!

Sr. Ruth spent most of her life in Drogheda as Editor, and also in the field of formation, giving classes as Postulant Mistress, Assistant Novice Mistress. She also did research for the film "Visitation" and circulation of the same and was responsible for publishing The First Decade (1946); The Second Decade (1956); Diary of an M.M.M. (1957); 21st Year Book (1957) and 25th Year Book (1962).

She was responsible for the Missionary Exhibitions, of which there were many at that time, and produced materials of the highest quality for them - very detailed.

She had high ideals and was a perfectionist and expected others, as well as herself, to strive to live up to her high standards.

Sr. Ruth also spent some years in Nigeria (Anua) from where she wrote "Diary of an MMM" along with many other pamphlets. A few years before she died, the then Bishop of Calabar invited her back to Nigeria to be Editor of "Catholic Life" - which was a great honour for her, and showed appreciation of her many gifts. She spent 1971 - 72 on research in East Africa, (Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya) then in 1973 visited Cardinal Knox in Australia in connection with a publication project - at his request.

She was very happy when her sister's daughter, Edna (O'Gorman), entered MMM.

Her death in Drogheda in 1979 from cardiac problems was very sudden and unexpected. She is buried in the MMM plot in Drogheda.