Carey, Sr. M. Matthew

Sr. M. Matthew CareyNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 173
D.O.B. 01.03.1918
First Profession: 11.02.1950
Died: 16.03.1953 Aged: 35 years

Sr. Matthew, baptised Bridget, from near Westport, Co. Mayo, entered MMM on December 8th 1946.

She was already a registered nurse before entering and, thus, began midwifery training as a 2ndyear novice. She was assigned to Nigeria shortly after making First Profession, because the need for nurse/midwives was so great there at that time.

A very pleasant, zealous and dedicated nurse, she never spared herself in the Leprosy Settlement and Clinic in Ogoja and later in Abakaliki. She is remembered as an ardent seeker of "treats" (sometimes, even necessities) for the lepers, which were not easy to secure from a then 'fiscally conservative' (perhaps by necessity) bursar.

Sr. Matthew fell ill with typhoid fever in early 1953 and died in Park Lane Nursing Home, Enugu. Her remains were interred at Abakaliki.