Doran, Sr. M. Agnes

Sr. M Agnes Doran(Sheila Doran)
Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 11
D.O.B. 21.05.1920
First Profession: 17.03.1941
Died: 06.02.1959 Aged: 38 years

Sr. Agnes, better known to us by her baptismal name of Sheila, was one of our early/founding members (no. 11). She came from Enfield in Co. Meath. Sheila was a very young girl when she entered at Rosemount on May 21st 1938. She had a very gentle disposition and was loved by everyone who knew her.

She worked from 1942-45 in Anua, Nigeria. Agnes was a very beautiful young woman and during her first voyage to Nigeria it is said that Bishop McGettrick pinned a notice on her back that read "Reserved for God!"

She returned to Ireland in 1946 and worked for a year in St. Patrick's, Kiltegan. In 1948 she returned to Dublin and started general nurse training in Jervis Street Hospital, but had to leave because of ill health.

Unfortunately, Sheila was not a well person. She suffered from a psychiatric illness and on medical recommendation, in the hope it would help her, a dispensation from Final Vows was obtained for her in 1955. While she did have some periods of employment in England, most of her days were spent either in Verville Nursing Home, Dublin or in St. Brendan's Grangegorman.

She was on a holiday from there, with the authorities permission, staying with her sister Frances, when she went missing, and it was discovered that she had died tragically.

MMM had always kept close contact with Sheila and when she died it was Mother Mary's wish that Sheila be buried in the MMM Plot in St. Peter's Cemetery in Drogheda.