Callaghan, Sr. Mary

Sr. Mary CallaghanNationality: Scottish
Congregational Register No: 350
D.O.B. 10.11.1929
First Profession: 08.09.1955
Died: 10.12.1972 Aged: 43 years

From Scotland, Mary entered in Drogheda on March 6th 1953 and at reception was given the name of 'Machar'. Later, she reverted to her baptismal name.

She was the Dux (leader) in her school before she entered. She started radiography studies while a second-year novice, qualifying as a M.S.R. in 1956, after which she worked in the X-Ray Dept. in Drogheda.

In 1959, she was assigned to Tanzania where she ministered first in Dareda and later in Kabanga. She returned to Ireland in 1970 because of ill health.
At a very early age it was discovered that her white cell count was greatly diminished, and she had to undergo treatment. Because of this, she started studying physiotherapy at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, as an alternative profession, but during her second year in Glasgow she had to return to Drogheda because of recurring ill health. She died in Drogheda at the age of 43 years and is buried there.

Before leaving her room to go to the hospital shortly before her death (and in spite of her weakness), she organised her few belongings and spring-cleaned her room, so as to leave everything ship-shape for the Infirmarian. That was our Sister Mary!